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Monday, November 20, 2017

EUR/USD- 20Nov. - Price is moving in a bullish channel now ..- Read more ,,

Daily  Report EUR/USD by  instaforex

The EUR/USD pair continues to move upwards from the level of 1.1646. Last week, the pair dropped from the level of 1.1666 to the bottom around 1.1562. But the pair has rebounded from the bottom of 1.1562 to close at 1.1783. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

EUR/USD - 08 Nov. - The Probability still remains for another low ..- Read more..

Daily  Report EUR/USD by  instaforex

Technical outlook: EUR/USD 4H chart has been presented here with the most probable wave count, to get the medium term outlook for the pair. Looking at the developments here, the pair seems to be either forming a leading diagonal pattern from the top at 1.2092 levels or a double zigzag (not labelled here as an alternative). In either case, we expected a new low below 1.1573 levels before turning higher again. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

USD/CHF - 07 Nov.- The market indicates a bullish opportunity at the level ..- Read more..

Daily  Report USD/CHF by  instaforex

The USD/CHF pair broke the resistance at the price of 0.9998 which acts as support since last week.The pair has already formed major support at 0.9942. The strong support is seen at the level of 0.9898. And the minor support is seen at 0.9998 now.